Winamp 5.01 released with many fixes and additional features

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submit to tell us that a new version of Winamp 5 is out. This player is a big improvement over version 2 or 3, at least that is what everyone is saying around…

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Anybody tested the ripping speed with the pro version? If it’s as fast as MusicMatch I’ll have to buy it again.

hmm. somehow, version 5 doesnt irritate me like version 3. i think 3 had some sort of cpu vibration frequency - brain wave interference programmed into it that made me feel that way. anyway, i’m in love with 5 (kudos for supporting v2 skins and plugins), but i can’t say i know anything about how well it rips

yeah all I want it to do is play my music and look good. I dont need cd ripping or tv listings :), I went back to winamp 2 and its generally faster, uses less resources and quicker to load up.