Winamp 3 beta ready for download



I just posted the article Winamp 3 beta ready for download.

Who doesn’t know winamp? ‘WinAmp, it really kicks the lovers ass’…

Winamp3 is a beta which may contain bugs, we recommend that you install Winamp3 in it’s own folder rather than overwrite the…

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I think the correct phrase is: “WinAmp, it really kicks the llamas ass!” :slight_smile:


No, “Winamp, it really whips the Llamma’s ass!”


does anyone still use winamp with winxp?? compared to wmp8 its horrible and sounds poor to it…


lightfast: windows media player 8 sounds better than winamp???


No, it’s: “Winamp, it really whips the llama’s ass!” :wink:


What!? Winamp is a nice tiny program that Whips M$ crap MP8 to shit. MP8 does not sound beter. I just tested it and I found that Winamp sounded better, well because of the EQ settings, but still It does not sound worse than mp8!


Winamp sounds crappy and noisy with winxp. I think the problem is that winxp doesn’t support hardware acceleration for vortex2 sound cards. I have a Diamond MX300 sound card. MP8 sounds better for me. Unfortunately I dont like MP8.


I have win98se, windows media player 7.1, winamp 2.80. media player sounds MUCH better than winamp. winamp sounds noticably noiser and sort of muffled… media player is a lot clearer. (i still hate media player, just wish winamp sounded like it)