Winamp 2.90 Final has been released, improved performance

I just posted the article Winamp 2.90 Final has been released, improved performance.

belldah used our news submit to tell us
that Nullsoft has released a new final version of their popular Winamp audio
(and since recently, video) player. This latest version has…

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If this is the latest version, what the heck is Winamp 3.0?

it is the latest version…by release date. hope the video works better than it does in winamp 3.0. definitely a weekend test thing.

It’s very nice. Both audio and video work perfect here. It’s a keeper

If this is the latest version, what the heck is Winamp 3.0?

For some reason the makers of winamp are supporting both versions of winamp (unlike microsoft and their products ;-). Winamp 3 isnt backwards compatable with winamp 2 plugins which is why I havent made the switch over yet.

The difference between Winamp 2.xx and Winamp 3 is like the difference between Windows Media Player 6.4 and 7 onwards. Winamp 3 has ditched backwards support for Winamp 2 plugins and got rid of many of its features such as the ability to fingure DSP plugins, Input & Output settings, etc. E.g. if you install multiple DSP’s in Winamp 3, the only way to turn one off is to uninstall it. In Winamp 2, it was very easy to choose from DSP’s to use. Unfortunately, it looks like Nullsoft took Microsoft’s approach to building Winamp 3, just like Microsoft building Media Player 7, 8 & 9. Finally, like the previous Windows Media Player 6.4, Winamp 2 has way faster performance than Winamp 3. On my AMD 2100+, Winamp 2.0 idles at 0% CPU while playing MP3 & OGG tracks, but Winamp 3.0 uses 5% - 10%. Try this on a PII 400 or lower and Winamp 3 hogs most of the CPU, unlike Winamp 2 which can run on an old Pentium 90 smoothly.

Well… i think that Winamp blows now day anyway … use’s to much CPU … and the only way to go is with Foobar2000 … that’s the way … to go :S

i’m running winamp 2.x on a 486 dx-100 !! plays just fine.

Zinf is a very good alternative.

I prefer Winamp 2x over 3x tenfold. I’m very happy with the 2.9 release :slight_smile:

Sweet I hope the new docking features means the window will stay on my monitor when I activate the tv output

If this is the latest version, what the heck is Winamp 3.0? Winamp3 mean Winamp3 , built 488 offical is Winamp3 1.0 , not Winamp 3.0 :slight_smile:

The next version will be Winamp 5. Because 2+3=5. There they will have cd-ripping and cd burning integrated + alot more.

A bit off topic but… If you have not tried the “milkdrop” visualization plug-in. Give it a try. Cool.

A good version. As I couldn’t make the move from Winamp 2.x to Winamp3 (simply didn’t like Winamp3!), it’s a great thing they’ve released the Winamp 2.90. I just hope this won’t be the last version of Winamp 2.x Another great thing Nullsoft could do is release the sourcecode for Winamp 2.x (of course, only when they’ll stop making new versions of it!). I think this move would further increase the software’s quality.

v.2 PlUgZ not working in v.3 is a drag - definitely keeps me away from it. I have winamp 2 so tweaked with plugz & even the installed Dx plugs on my machine - its great. I also use winap without any plugs to run on old pentium 60mhz - 233mhz machines that i rebuild. So much software nowadays is becoming way too bulky. Does anyone rmember Mp3Play95? now, that player used hardly any resources whatsoever.:g