Winamp 2.71 released

I just posted the article Winamp 2.71 released….


A new version of Winamp, this time with a lot of fixes…

  New directmusic/midiOut plug-in (PP's)
  Mikmod update (we love you Jake)
	Avs: optimized fullscreen...
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This isn’t ment to nag but moderator, the URL isn’t correct. It says
instead of

He must have written it very fast, because the head-link says wiMamp 2.71

Better to do things slow and good , than do it fast and shitty!

Hey soupRman, instead of bitching, how about giving DoMi some credit for giving us the news as fast as he can. These guys are doing a great job, and if all you can do it nag about it, maybe you should stop visiting the #1 site on the web…




DoMiN8ToR is not a god, he actually COULD take a few seconds more for his post. Don’t you think?

I’m sorry for this messy posting, sometimes i’m in a hurry, but it’s fixed now !

hey supRshit, when u 1/2 own the best warez site on the net you can speak… till then belt up!

the site rulez anyway…some erros can occur…

For every1 bitching, its not that easy to keep a site updated and especially to keep it alive, everyone who is bitching can go to some other site and not come here because if they do then stop bitching and apreciate the shit is providing you with. and if you want to continue bitching than don’t come to this site, its like ahhh man this resturant sux big time, and you go their every 2nd day and bitch over and over again, if you hate it soo much find another place to go eat.

ey ey!

i regret my words, sorry DoMi shit happens and i make errors myself!

Cool it guys, whats the point in making all this fuss, because someone had a typo error in a link. I am sure there are more important issues to discuss. In future dont bother bitching, just ask the author to give the correct url etc.