Winamp 2.71 is out

I just posted the article Winamp 2.71 is out.

Submitted by: JunKX

Winamp 2.71 is out.

The new features :
new directmusic/midiOut plug-in (PP’s)

mikmod update (we love you Jake)…

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I’m First Yeah Cool

Winamp we love u
MP3 world domination :slight_smile:


WinAmp 2.71 is niet OUT maar OUD!

Masta J

Another ‘NEW’ winamp version! pfhu!

Winamp 2.71 was released at 12.14.2000

yes, winamp is miles better than media player 7. media player 7 is rediculously slow and bulky.

hey - all ms products seem to be slow and bulky recently, from installers to mouse drivers, do you think they want us to upgrade?

winamp my 1st and only mp3 player

I’ve always used Winamp as my audio player.

MS Media Player 7 too bulky and complicated and Real Sux!

While its good they are always trying to make the program (Winamp) better, it already seems just about perfect to me! Never crashes (cant say that about M$), not resource hungry, easy to use yet powerful, supports all the audio formats you’d want as has great skins and plugins available for it!

Keep up the great work Nullsoft!