Win98SE to ME

I’m trying to get Win Me to install over Win 98 on a friends computer. I have found that it will not let me do it as the ME disk is for a full install. I have tryed running it from 98 and also tryed booting from a floppy. All the time it has told me that it cant do it as there is already an OS there. Is it possable to get it to install over the top? And how is it done? I have tryed a search as well and didn’t find what I was after.

goto your c:\windows dir. and rename to win.000 then install from a floppy.

A really bad idea, you will likely get a variety of OS bugs from doing this. 98 is superior to ME anyhow, why the change?

Thanks Breezy.


Personally I don’t like either of them. I think that 98 is better them ME as it is, but this is what he wants to do and he asked me if it could be done. He was told by a few others that ME is a better one then 98.

Convince him to do a clean install, at least. Or better yet, tell him he has to sign a waiver releasing you from all responsibility for damages resulting from using ME. :rolleyes: