Win98SE or Win2K?



i must in while format both of my computers and wich operating system should i use?? Why must i choose Win98se or win2k i have them both so if you now some advantages of one of them let me know.


If you are going to play a lot of games, use win98 SE. And if you are going for business applications go for win2k. Win2k isn’t designed for playing games, that’s what Windows millenium is in development for.



thats the great thing – you can have em both on the same system at the same time. if you partition your HD b4 you install w2k, and then you do a full install, it will give you a boot menu when you startup, so you can chose between win98 and w2k. and BTW, i have windows millennium right now, and the beta2 is really buggy. hope that helps, greetz, sQuage.


Just like djewst said.

Windows 98 SE becomes Windows Millenium and
Windows NT 4.0 becomes Windows 2000!


Good luck with your choise!

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