Win98se driver for LG 4163B

HI all

I need the Windows 98se driver for my lg 4163B. Does anyone know were i can get it from or can anyone give it to me???

Please i need it asap.


As for any IDE device, you don’t need any driver, at least at a system level (you could need to upgrade some burning program). What is the problem you are encountering? Drive not detected under windows? Drive not detected in your burning program(s)?
Please give us some more informations/details about your system… :slight_smile:




Im running win98se on my computer and it does not pic up my DVD-writer. The Drive is not detected under windows98.

I have been to the LG website but they only have firmware (102/103) downloads and no win98se drivers.

My system is:

P3 500Mhz
256MB Ram
OS: Win 98se
LG- 4163B DVD-Writer
Pioneer DVD-Rom


Have you got it set up in the BIOS?

What is your IDE setup?

Primary master: ?
Primary slave: ?
Secondary master: ?
Secondary Slave: ?

If your 4163B is connected in a channel with another device (e.g. an hard disk), did you check the master/slave settings?

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my primary : DVD-rom
slave: DVD-writer lg 4163B.

Were can i get the win98 driver for my DVD-Writer???

Once again… such a driver DOES NOT EXIST.
The writer must be recognized automatically through standard windows driver. You didn’t need a driver for your DVD-ROM, right? :wink:

Check the jumper setting of your DVD-ROM and writer: best thing is to set the writer as MASTER and the DVD-ROM as SLAVE. This should fix your problem.

Another hint, maybe a stupid question: are you sure that power is connected to your LG writer? Do you see some led flashing when you power on the PC?

Hope this helps,


After checking them again is it recognised in the BIOS? If it is not there your PC won’t see it. Most modern motherboards are auto detect, I am not sure on the older ones and yours may not be so it has to be manually set up by you.

Hi all

I downloaded the firmware from LG website firmware:103 and now it seems to be working.

Thanks all
for the suggestions and help