Win98SE Cached dir-list for CD(R)(W)?

Hi there ppl…

Every time when I use CDRWin (3.8D, 3.8E, 4.0A Beta) and want to check whether or not the CD was indeed burned succesfully I end up with a empty Explorer directory window.

Hitting F5 to refresh and/or putting the freshly created CD into the reader instead of the writer doesn’t solve the problem either. The only thing left to do is rebooting :frowning: .

I think that this is due to the fact that Win uses a cached directory listing for media that are usually static as far as content is concerned (like standard CD’s) and it displays the cached listing whenever a CD is inserted that has already been inserted before (when it was still empty).

Any thoughts about how to circumvent, manage or solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.



i doubt that
cause when u put the blank Cd in it has no label.
when its been burnt it has a new label.

therefore: pressing refresh should say “there is a new cd in the drive…check it”
is will see the new cd thats been burt and then cache the TOC (Tabel Of Contents) (assuming that 98SE caches like you say).

Id say u have some sort of software conflict or drivers.
Try reinstalling cdrwin or using decent software like nero or CloneCd (i think thats nero’s site…i dont use it. so i dont know) :slight_smile:

good luck

Hey there…

OK, so you doubt it, which probably means that I’m just imagining things :confused: ? There’s a huge difference between what Windows SHOULD do and what it actually DOES :wink: and I don’t see a driver-conflict to be the guilty one in this context, since CD-Rewriters don’t use complex driver (as a matter of fact, they only use an ASPI-layer, that’s it).

But I could indeed use another program to burn my ISO’s (the only problem is that I’ll have to convert the downloaded Bin/Cue’s to Nero/CloneCD format, but that shouldn’t be a problem).

Anyway, thanks for the reply :slight_smile: .