Win98 update problem



Recently I experienced Win98 update problems on 2 different systems that are dual boot with Win2k. On both systems while booted to Win98 I got the critical update notification, but I got a message that Windows update is for Microsoft OS systems only plus a link to Microsoft MAC support. The same error message and MAC support link are given on both systems if Windows update is attempted manually. I suspect this has to be an IE 6 update in the critical update notification since Win98 updates were stopped in 2006. Is this yet another Microsoft bug or yet another deliberate Microsoft ploy to force users to upgrade? Either way this leaves Win98 users vulnerable to IE 6 unpatched problems until or unless there’s a Microsoft fix. Has anybody else experienced this Win98 problem or know of any fix?


They don’t force you to upgrade. They just shut down the patch availability. If you still want to use 98 it’s totally up to you. However they will not deploy any fixes for it.


My point is no more IE 6 patches on Win98 systems can be applied due to the glitch I encountered. I wouldn’t expect continued Win98 support, but continued IE 6 support should be available even to Win98 users IMO.


Err no. Since M$ says it’s part of the os :slight_smile: