Win98 to 2k upgrade with PCRW 404 Philips Write 2 CD software

**** Philips CDRW 404 upgrade from Win98/95 to Windows 2000 /2k professional: Write 2 CD WRITING SOFTWARE NOT 2k COMPATIBLE ******

After spending an hour or so searching the net for an upgrade to the Copy 2 CD CD-ROM that came with the product purchased in the late 1990s, emailed Philips:

The CDRW 404 is a supported device in Win 2k … play and pray is ok but…

Got this reply from support at Philips:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, the Write2CD is not Windows 2000 compatible and we do not expect any update for this program to be released, in order to use Write2CD on Windows 2000 system. As stated on the package, this software is Windows 95/98 compatible. However, your recorder is compatible with Windows 2000 and in order to use it as a recorder on Windows 2000, you have to install a Windows 2000 compatible CD recording program.

You can use Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum by Adaptec ( or NERO 5.5 by Ahead (

If you have any more questions, please contact us again.

Kind regards,

Philips PC Peripherals Helpdesk

… SO the driver is not an issue BUT you will have to find some software to use with it…

I WOULD SUGGEST begging borrowing or … a copy of the software above OR pay out 45 pounds for a NEW CDRW that will wipe the floor with your PCRW 404 and sell the 404 with the CD for 20 pounds to the owner of a slower Win 98/95 machine…

Hope this helps… please email me if it does, I wish I knew of this forum 4 days ago…

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