Win98 SE Upgrade


I have been looking for Windows 98 SE upgrade to download. I am not asking for it for free, but sites like eBay it can cost up to $100.00. It just seems like a lot so I thought I would ask. Does anyone know where I can download Windows 98SE Upgrade?

Are you looking for the Microsoft incremental upgrades or an upgrade to the 98SE operating system? If it is an upgrade to the 98SE operating system your only choice is buying a used copy to stay legitimate. If it is just the incremental upgrades they still may be available from Microsoft’s web site or you might check the torrent sites for a download.

You mean to download and buy, right? Because any other kind of download would be illegal and against forum rules :wink:

I found a 98SE upgrade on ebay for $30. Here’s a link:

Rather then just upgrade why didn’t you not choose to go XP pro as this is a better stable platform and more updates?

As CoolColors said why not go with XP as I don’t think MS even supports 98 anymore, if they do it sure won’t be long before they quit supporting it, you can buy an upgrade for win98 to upgrade it to XP and keep all your stuff instead of doing a clean install

I can understand someone wanting to use an older operating system. I still have a Windows ME machine that I use to run old civil engineering software that won’t run under Windows XP.


Downloading OS updates from elsewhere than from the official website is a big No No No! :disagree: :disagree: :disagree:

Does Microsoft still provide updates for their older OSs? If they don’t how would one go about getting them for a legitimate copy of the operating systems?

You don’t

Windows 2k Pro* is a stable OS if you look for most bang for the buck on older compus. Linky
And AFAICS it’s still supported/upgradeable by M$ (might not be that long though). Link

  • I’m running this OS on our home network server, a PII-266 box.

I was a hardhead and didn’t want to upgrade from win98SE and fought all my friends about upgrading and I finially did and set it up to look just like 98 instead of the XP and I am very happy with XP as it looks like 98 but much faster and more bells and whistles

yeah it’s kind of like downloading and using a firewall/anti virus from a non reputable company.

MS pulled support for 98 SE on July 11, 2006. I remember because I reformatted and updated an older pc with 98se for a 4 yr old next door.
Something for him to bang around on.
We had a bunch of old games and educational software that would run on 98 and 3.1.
Hate to just throw it out if it has some use. He loves it.

They will have to pry my Windows ME computer from my cold dead fingers. Either that or Microsoft gives me a patch to run Eagle Point Release 12 under Windows XP.

The only chances you’ve to “upgrade” 98SE it is going to ME (would it be an upgrade?1?), win2000 or XP.
Rather strange if someone offers a legit copy for so low price other than ME - not a good bet even if for free.
Either 2000 or XP, I doubt but…
Updates it is another story and it used to be free, but I suppose you can not get them from MS - the only way it is to look for magazine discs or some site still offering them (it wouldn’t be illegal, if you own a license).
As MS doesn’t support the problem of using 08SE is only the hack risks if you use it in the web or to run software you don’t know it is safe.
Otherwise, if you have a package you can’t use under XP why to give it up?
I still have a copy of 98SE I bought for € 5 - upgrade from win version 3, boxed and that was never used - in a time XP was already been “updated” to SP2.

The sad reality is that MS has forced many to switch to newer OS’s. This was and is accomplished by them not providing support after a date certain. I am sure ALL are aware that XP goes on the short list in 2009. What ashame that they have forced computer owners and builders to upgrade equipment too. I for one have kept several 98SE/ME machines running because software written for that OS will not run properly on an XP machine. Now we have Vista-which is a terrible joke and intrusion on those of us who come from the days of the Commodore PET-can they get it right? Maybe in time, but the damage is done for those with software that won’t run right on it-upgrade and make the software houses rich-EEK.

To answer the OP’s question about buying 98SE/ME, I still have my set of discs and manuals. E-mail or PM me if you cannot find it. Definitely-DO NOT download as the License will not be valid. You will also need a bootable startup disc, which I have.

Good luck

With XP though you can click on a programs properties and then click on compatibilty and then click run this program in compatibilty mode for and then scroll down to the OS that you want to run it in as I still have a lot of win95 programs that run great with XP

I agree with Jimbo, you can get older program to run on XP you have to set the compatibity mode in XP for that program. So who every told you can’t do that is lacking in information and technical know how. Plus security wise your older O/S won’t protect your computer when you go online.

I have tried any number of fixes to get Eagle Point Release 12 to run under XP and nothing has worked so far. I have worked compatibility mode setting and searched the Internet in vain. My only choice to run the program is Windows 95 to ME operating systems. If anyone here has a suggestion I will gladly try it.