Win98 Se problem with Beta?



Who says there is no problem?
I’ll tell what is the problem
for installing Win98 SE.
If u wanna install win98 SE upgrade verison
on your computer.
U must install Retail Version of Win98.
Not the BETA!!!
Actually there r lots of Betas.
It has different build number.
Retail and final beta’s build number is
“4.10.1998”(go to controll pannel>system).
If not?
U can’t install.
Final beta(build number 4.10.1998) works
And when u install upgrade version,

1.Boot your computer with
win98 booting disket.

2.format your hard disk(sure!u can
install it without format.but i recommand
that u must format hard disk.because
if u install it without format, u will
meet registry errors etc.)
3.insert win98 SE Cd-rom.
4.when u install it, the computer will ask
where is win98?!replace CD-rom to Win98(not SE).
and choose win98 folder on it.
6.If verify processing is gone,
replace CD-rom to Win98 SE(not retail or
final beta).
7.Enjoy win98 SE.

Win98 SE has lots of bugs.
If your system is not stable,it will not
perfectly work.
Actually I don’t recommand Win98 SE.
It can make your system crashed…
(sometimes not)


I have less problems with win98se than with win98 so… it doesn’t have more bugs then win98. It fixes some of win98’s bugs but offcourse adds some of his own (it’s a microsoft product)


I’ve got Windows millenium build 2348 and it works fine. Millenium is the sequel to win98SE and probably has less bugs.