Win98 and DVD burning




I keep getting a win98 does not supoort files over 2 gig message
“is it possible to burn a Movie DVD backup on a win98 os?”
If so how do I get around that.

Thanks as always!



Use a NTFS partition but i never tried to burn a DVD with 98.


Its coz it only supports fat32 (AFAIK) but not NTFS. I think it should be no prob if instead of creating an image u make audio_ts and video_ts folders off that dvd.


So I just copy everything off the disk to the hardrive first

I’m working with Ripit4Me, DVDDecrypter, dvdshrink, FixVTS
I need to do it another way?



seems to be all u need. I cant remember, but with either decrypter or shrink u should be able to save as ‘dvd srtructure’, that is folders on HDD instead of an image.
Any particular reason not to use w2k?


I Will not donate one more CENT to Microsoft for any product period
My inlaws bought a new MS keybord and mouse the other day
and I took it right back ASAP as soon as I heard about IT.

and believe me I am not alone
If it can’t be done in win98 I’ll just do it in linux

I don’t believe in letting XP’s generic host proccesser access the internet
just for me to surf the web, not to mention the XP spyware phone home
VALIDATION GAME "to simply down the road deny activation after I upgrade a motherboard or network card, to again lay out who knows maybe 500 next time
Bill wont buy another Iseland off the back of my family.

PS also open office is a great word program
I bet most don’t even know exist


I hear u bud. They screw us any way they want. Can u go buy a laptop WITHOUT their crap? I mean why isnt it an option, dont we have something in law similar to the case when MS was fined for supplying a browser or smth as a part of windows? Too bad so many ppl are hooked.



Only if you let them :slight_smile:

No you don’t have to donate not even 1cent! :slight_smile: There are plenty of free drivers for win98 so you can read/write to NTFS from win98 or even install win98 on a NTFS partition. Look for [B]NTFS Win98[/B] or [B] NTFSDOS [/B] Some of the drivers on the Net are not free but there are also plenty of free ones. Good place to look for free one’s at [B]Planet Source Code[/B] or [B]The Code Project [/B] :slight_smile:


Hi folks how you all doing today??


You mentioned somthing I did’nt know even existed
there are so many out there I just looked at I don’t mind paying
any one version you’ld recamend compared to anthers? you probaly
know 1000 more about this then me

Thanks theres hope afater all


Is MS even supporting Win98 or have they stopped already ?

#12 :wink:


ValHall64: Okay thanks I thought that they had already but wasn’t sure, I run XP SP2


What in the world does your post have to do with this tread?

We are discussing how to run a burner friendly file system
within Win98

I know there is no support for 98 anymore. all MS sheep’s have been DIRECTED to lay out 300+ for one gig Vista now!

And for all of you running XP, I wouldn’t smile to hard, because your wake up call’s coming the next time you need to replace a network card or update some hardware and your RUDLY denied validation and directed to fork out 300+ for one gig Vista as well

I know you heard from the grape vine, you can just call up and validate XP as many times as you want, but that is neither reality nor what is in writing (The Microsoft Licensing Agreement SO ENJOY XP WHILE YOU CAN! AND START SAVING FOR THAT NEW COMPUTER!