Win98 2nd editon installation



i have just got win 98 2nd edition can i install over top of win 98 if so how and will i loose any data etc thanks fastdj
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only if you have an upgrade version of win 98se you can do that otherwise you’ll get an error

But i guess there are ways to get around this ’ protection ’ at least i’ve read about them…so people…


Win 98 SE (full version) will give you the option to either upgrade the 1st Win 98 edition or to do a full install. You shouldn’t lose anything.

I did it on my pc & so did a friend of mine & we had no problems.


Yes, you can upgrade from a previous version but a clean install is THE BEST way to go here. I have tried almost every combo of upgrading/re-installing/installing there is and with many different operating systems and the best result is always when doing a clean install.


There also is a special upgrade-version of Win2000 available. You might wanna try that one out.



Just switch to dos-mode,rename the so that no system can be found anymore and install the full version to your win directory. After that you only have to reinstall your drivers.
It worked fine for me.



you don’t even need an upgrade cd to go from win98>>win98 se, just install it over it, and nothing will be lost.

you might not wanna use windows2k, cause it isn’t for everyone, and doesn’t support games, video cards, sound cards, and other multimedia stuff very well. some programs may also not work under win2k.