I have changed the OS of my computer to win7 64 from vista 64. It works fine with 2 gb of memory. When I tried to install another 2 gb on the ASrock mobo (939S56-M) it would not boot up. I have increased the range from 2gb to 4gb. Crucial and Asrock both state that it can take 4 gb. All the memory modules are new form Crucial. The Bios is P1.30. Please could you suggest how I can fix it?



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the manual ( states:[I] “For the configuration (3), please install identical DDR DIMMs in all four slots.”[/I]
Is this the case or are the modules somewhat different?

At least the modules should be two matching pairs. One pair in the blue slots, the other pair in the black slots.

You may also clear the CMOS as described in the manual.



Yeah, clearing the CMOS would be the first thing to try. Then make sure the second ram stick is fully seated. The third thing to try would be to remove both sticks of ram and swap their positions along with clearing the CMOS. Remember when clearing the CMOS to also make sure you pull the power plug before hand.

If all that fails, then boot the PC with one stick of ram, go into the BIOS and raise the voltage for the memory by 0.05V or 0.1V and try again.