Win7 homegroups and sharing

I notice recently when under win7 with homegroups running and sharing that on one of my HDD that has only one folder and 4 folders inside of it that everyone one of the individual folder show them as sharing but if I look at my other HDD that is sharing in homegroups I don’t get that same individual indicators of the icon sharing when I click on each of those folders. Is there something I am missing in that a single folder will auto share all folders in it but a HDD with multiple folder and file in it will share the entire HDD but not have the share icon indicate when I click to show status of the folers? Sounds confusing but I will try again and see if it doesn’t show up again.

So I am to assume not alot has tried this networking setup yet? I have it where there are two laptop and they all share each other hard drives in the homegroup setting they can read and write to them and moves files between them.