Win32LAME 1.7 out now

I just posted the article Win32LAME 1.7 out now. told us a new version of Win32LAME (1.7) is out.

The new version of this ready to encode configured LAME encoder with user friendly GUI uses the latest LAME 3.90a version.

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That’s excellent news, not even reacted as fast as cd freaks! :slight_smile: Is it at all possible to add more pop-up windows to cd freaks?

LAME :slight_smile: …and yeah, I’m just about fed up with the popups as well :frowning: It’s getting to resemble a cheap prOn site more and more. Here’s some sound advice: Cut it out!!!

Yes, there is a (free) solution to popup windows: :slight_smile:

any idea what a server cost with more then 100 GB traffic… are you willing to pay that?

I just hope that would really start using this with the presets, and we would FINALLY see the end of FhG 192kbps/stereo CRAP!