Win32 problem

I have since a couple weeks a new laptop. I have windows 7. I have on my laptop microsoft 2010 but if I want to open een powerpoint there comes a scream with that I can’t open it because of a win32. What can I do and I don’t want to remove the powerpoint because I can’t get a new one. With microsoft 2007 I have the same problem.

Ik heb sinds een paar weken een nieuwe laptop met windows 7. Ik heb op mijn laptop microsoft 2010 staan, maar als ik een powerpoint wil open geeft hij aan dat hij deze toepassing niet kan openen vanwege win32 ofzo. Hoe kan ik dit probleem oplossen zonder het programma te verwijderen. Met microsoft 2007 heb ik hetzelfde probleem.

Have you completed all of the Windows Update processes? There may also be MS Office 2010 Updates available, too.

Do you see errors that mention “Framework”?

(Framework is a Microsoft ‘helper’ program that installs many smaller programs that other Microsoft programs share and use. I am hoping that if there were missing Framework ‘pieces’, a Windows Update or MS Office Update might correct those.)

Or do you have Windows Update failures? “Downloaded but failed to install?”

Does MS Word or MS Excel have the same error?

All the updates are installed.

I have only the problem with powerpoint, excel en word are doing fine

Frameworks where do you find them.

The install was good

(oops - mistake - I assumed something)

Next, I googled “[B]PowerPoint 2010 Win32 Problem[/B]” and I realized I had not understood your problem completely.

I need to ask this question first: is the error occurring when you try to open a presentation file (a PowerPoint PPS or PPT type of file), or does it occur when you go to your Start menu and try to run PowerPoint?

The above discussion refers to a problems attempting to Open PowerPoint File which fails with an error “invalid Win32 file”.

The solution seems to be “This is a broken file-association. To fix this, browse to any PowerPoint Presentation File, and right-click on it. Select OPEN WITH and choose ‘PowerPoint’. There should be an ALWAYS OPEN WITH THIS APPLICATION checkbox, too.”

(Sorry, again - the Dutch wording will be different, but the idea should be the same.)

I can make a powerpoint but I can’t open a powerpoint.

i have tried that already but it does not work.
The webex Was it not.
And with the printers also not.

I understand your english. Mine is worse :s

Going with what ChristineBCW posted . Right click on a (a PowerPoint PPS or PPT type of file). Select “Properties” .
What is the : Type of file:  Document (.pps)

Opens with: What is the .exe program there ?
It should be your program that has PowerPoint capabilities.
microsoft 2010 is what you posted you have so it should be there.
I have another suggestion but try that first.

There was another set of discussions over on TechNet and there was a discussion of

Go to Start button…
…Control Panel…

and change your default printer to something else - some Windows generic printer.

Then, start PowerPoint and, from it’s FILE menu, select OPEN and browse to find any presentation-file to open it.


Then the recommendation is (1) Uninstall your original printer, (2) do a SHUTDOWN - RESTART, and then (3) re-install your printer with any updated drivers, if possible.

Did you understand my instructions of File Associations? Did that make sense?

This is a ‘link’ between a Program and its Data Files. My MS WORD program usually creates .DOC or .DOCX files.

So a .DOC or .DOCX file is “associated” with MS WORD.

I can change File Associations at any time - correctly or incorrectly! I can tell Windows, “Associate a .DOC file with WINDOWS PAINT” and I’ll be getting ‘Not valid JPG file’ errors or something.

I can do this voluntarily. Or some other programs can screw this up for me! (Yeah. Right. Like I need help screwing up computers!! Grrrr)

Your English is fine, and if you want to write in Dutch, I can read that as well but I can’t be certain my responses would be AS correct as in English!

Dominator and Mr.Belvedere are our natives, though, and my husband’s grandparents were from Haarlem and he visited there as a boy many times.

Not completely off topic but I even use a file asociation with a lot of files that nothing auto opens . It is the shell32.dll & it is what you see as Windows Shell Common on some files .

Dominator and Mr.Belvedere are our natives, though, and my husband’s grandparents were from Haarlem and he visited there as a boy many times.[/QUOTE]

@ Christine , Although my surname is German maybe; the ancestor with that name arrived in the British colonies that became the USA in 1720 . So by now & as far as any I’ve known none spoke German or Dutch or remembered any that did. The surname even became “Americanized” I think because my ancestor was probably illiterate & that was the way it sounded to whoever was writting it down . I know your somwhat of a history buff so I thought you might like the info.
BTW My family surname is not Hitler :bigsmile:

Let me guess - Rommel?

“To heck with El Alamein - Palo Duro is MUCH nicer!! I’ve got Route 66 diners here, Sandia Peak a few hours to the west, catfish rivers nearby, and good BBQ… why not stay here?”

We visited those little villages from Haarlem down to The Hague three times and always enjoyed it, then we’d drive back inland. It never took him long to relearn Dutch but I staggered along with French and confusing German along the way. I never visited before, and missed so much.

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2657222]Let me guess - Rommel? [/QUOTE]

No & not Schmidt or Jonesenstein either . :wink:

Your tip to open it in a powerpoint works
So the problem is solved
thank you

Ik heb een powerpoint in een powerpoint geopend en dat wou
dus het probleem is opgelost
bedankt voor de tips ben blij dat ik het nu kan openen :slight_smile:

BTW My family surname is not Hitler :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

They renamed themselves to Hiller. :wink:

Van harte welkom!

Glad to hear the “Start PowerPoint then Open Files” worked. This means a File-Association is not set correctly, then, but at least they’re now working for you.

Now, back to the mystery of colonial landings back in 1720…

Say… weren’t there some Germans floating across the Channel towards Buckingham Palace once? I wonder if one of them had bigger horizons in mind and decided to head for the land of quartz crystals and turquoise? Holy Habsburgs, Batman!

No, probably not them. Uh. And Adolph and Erwin probably didn’t consider name-changes back in 1720, anyway. Say - does anyone know what Bismarck was doing back then?

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2657201]and if you want to write in Dutch, I can read that as well [/QUOTE]

Da’s goed om te weten!:clap:
Ik heb soms moeite om de juiste uitdrukking te vinden in het Engels…:o