I have a question about win2k. I've installed this OS next to my existing Win98 OS. It works great, however everytime I restart I get a menu in which I have to choose between my original windows(win98) and windows2000, after 30 seconds it chooses it's default (win2k) and loads that.
How can I change this, the default and the delay. Apparently this doesn't work via the msdos.sys file, so where do I change this.



at you root c:\ you have a hidden file boot.ini there you can change it.

media zone


you can also change it somewhere in the configuration panel of win2k
don’t ask me where


I already found it myself, but thanx anyway.
I found it here:
Right click ‘my computer’ and select the box ‘advanced’ and then click on 'startup and recovery, you can change itt right there.

Maybe nice to know…