Win2k & WinMe issuez & then some!



Wow, I know, I'm becoming very annoying to you all now... LMAO...

OK, well, its just a quick question to throw out to you all (wow this is better than e-mail...LoL)

Errr... well, Win2k (Windows 2ooo) & WinMe (Windows Millenium)...
...WHEN you actually install the software of Master Nerd himself, Mr.Gates Can they cause you any, well, harm/damage when using it On-Line?

I wanna install it on a good close (female) friend of mines machine & hell NO, I don't wanna put her in any Dino DooDoo and I can't use it till I get my Laptop sorted out, so she'll be the first to use my version & errr key.

Anywho, for those who know, its Win2k Pro Final Ver & the key starts with RM233...

...If ANY of you K L people know, please give me a shout in the ear!

Thanks again!

PS. Hi Domonic, howz life! 8)

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