Win2K & Win98SE synchronizing

Is there a way to synchronize Win2K and Win98SE, so that when I install a program in 98SE it will install it into Win2K too. And with favorites, I will have the same Favorites and the Start Menu will be the same in both windowses?

This is not possible.

When installing software under Windows it installs certain files in various directories such as windows\system end of course program Files. Certain programs that run without shared files can be installed in a separate directory and you only have to make a shortcut in the other version, but those programs have become scarce since the era of Windows (under DOS this was much easier).

Besides this, some programs use different files under windows 98 and Windows 2000, since they are different (that is why some programs may cause problems under Windows 2000 (InCD from Ahead for example).

You can set your data dirs to a separate partition of your hard disk. So that all file saves will be stored on that particular partition.

So I am afraid you have to install the programs both under Windows 98 as well as under Windows 2000

the only thing that can be done from your scenario is to have the same favorites for each. in internet explorer, go to File> Import and Export…> and then follow their wizard to complete the process. or, you could just use an online bookmarking service like that keeps all your favs. together online.

like taxman said, the reason that you can’t share programs is because some install different drivers depending on the system being used.