Win2k Registry File Merge Fail

Moving a hard drive from 1 PC to another Win2k gives Inaccessible_Boot_Device error on startup. I tried the third solution under “Specific trouble shooting procedures” at because that solution is shown for the exact same startup error I get. When I get to the point to merge the file created from instructions, I get “Can not merge file. This is not a registry file, and only registry files may be added” error message. Is there another way to create a file that may be merged, or is this possibly a Win2k problem Microsoft never fixed? Is there any other way to fix this problem?

The most likely reason for this message is that the Windows installation does not have the driver for the hard disk controller in the PC you have moved the hard disk to. Unfortunately in this case, those troubleshooting steps will not work, as they assume that the hard disk is still in the same PC.

If the hard disk was attached to a removable controller (e.g. PCI IDE/SATA card) in the original PC, then move this to the replacement PC and attach the hard disk to the card.

Another option would be to perform a repair installation, which is where you boot the Windows 2000 disc and choose the “Repair” option. The catch with Windows 2000 is that if a driver is required for the IDE/SATA controller, it must be supplied on a floppy disk or integrated in the installation disc.

The third of the specific trouble shooting procedures at the link says, “A “Stop 0x0000007B” error message occurs after you move the system disk to another computer” which doesn’t seem to assume the drive is still in the same PC and instructions given below that might fix this problem if the created file would merge, but it doesn’t merge for some reason. If the drive would boot, I could then install drivers for the system to which the drive was moved which I have successfully done on other drive moves.

I do have a PCI SATA add on card I could install in the PC from which the drive was removed, but that PC already has onboard SATA controller. I’m not sure if the add on adapter would work in that circumstance, and I’d then have to move adapter and drive to the other PC even if that would work which is a lot of effort that could be for naught if it didn’t work.

I considered doing repair install that you suggest, but repair install reverts to IE5 and Win2k SP4 at best with no updates after that because Win2k is no longer supported by Microsoft. IE6 could be installed after repair install, but there’s no longer updates for IE6 either. I may be stuck with that bad option unless I can somehow modified registry to get the drive to boot from where it was moved.