Win2K Pro and Nero don't get along!

Ok there has to be someone else out there who has figured out how to burn/copy CD’s with Nero, Win 2K Pro and a CD-RW drive. I have an old HP 7100i and a brand new Plextor 12/10/32A. Neither will work. It gets right to the end and gets an unexpected error using EZ CD or I get an Error reading Data using Nero. I have the latest aspi32.dll 4.60.1021 and I did a complete reinstall of Win2K Pro with no other programs installed expect Nero. Please help! I am stumped! Oh I can send who ever needs it the Nero error log files. Thanks in advance.

Well, make sure you do NOT have a wnaspi32.dll file in your Nero directory. As long as you have an ASPI layer installed on your system, you can burn without Nero’s propreitary wnaspi32.dll file.

To be honest I think that the problem lays with the EZ CD error. Do you have EZ CD Creator installed, and if so then that is your problem. Any how try removing the EZ CD registry entry.