Win2k....error's ?!?!



Hey all,
Im trying to copy Windows 2000 prof. but i am having problems. I have tried Nero, but that comes up with ‘CD protected’ (in which i pressed CANCEL). I have also tried Blind Read&Write, but it seems to be to hard for my brain to handle (any help on copying on blind with be ACE). I have also tried cloneCD, but that keeps causing ‘Failed to read sector xxxxx’ and my CD-Rom stops too.
Anyone got any ideas ???
Also this, goes to the ‘Step by Step interactive’ CD that comes with win2k (this is the one i tried first).



As you could have read in another topic on this forum (, MS has no copy protection on their CDs…

Maybe the CD is either a recovery CD for which you need a BIOS-string loaded in your BIOS or you can’t read the CD, or you have a faulted CD, because it has no protection.

I have the upgrade at home (original) and had no trouble whatsoever to back it up.


Since you have asked the question in aforementioned topic as well now, this one can (and will) be closed.