Win2k copy

ok real quick one here. I hope. Ok i am trying to make a back up of Win 2K and i am getting read errors out the wazoo. So simply what settings should i use for copying? And of course i am using clonecd. And just a quick survey what should i get for my next burner. all suggestions welcome.

version of Clone?
Burner brand & model?

…budget stretches to…?

OS: win me or if its better i can boot into any one of the others, xp 2k 98…ntfs file sytem or fat, hey wanna go linux… anyway i primarily use the millenium.
BURNER: lg cdrd 8080b firware ver??(whatever the most recent was)
CLONE VER: going to new 4.0.x.x
SETTINGS:what do you mean settings im asking what settings to use, i have been going with the default…nothing which works on all other windows media (excluding games)

Budget…let say 350.00 top, and also where do you recommend purchase online, i usually use mwave

oh and so you know i am not being rude just sarcastisc

strike it i got it after a little toying around, i think i like the new clone has a real nice gui.

can still tell me what burner to get

Originally posted by cmswq3
can still tell me what burner to get
Ahh the most commonly asked question on this forum :wink: Lite-On (SafeDisc 2) Plex (audio) or TEAC (overall quality)… The choice is yours really. Try using the search function since this has been asked many, many times…

cool cause a buddy of mine just baught a brand new teac and is going to give it to me since he was given an even newer plextor. so teac is good, then i guess my budget doesnt matter

My vote goes for Plextor, just upgraded my PXR-412Ci after 4-5 years! I went for the PlexWriter 40/12/40A.

By the way nothing was wrong with the old Plextor just wanted to get somehing faster! They also havea great 2year collect and return policy!


Changing the subject back to the original query.
If you are getting read errors then the cd is simply no good.

make sure there are no scratch marks on the surface of the disk
if there are then make sure that you read the disk at a very low speed like 4x or 2x and also make sure the fast error skip is off!

thanx all, i did get it i was using my dvd for read which was projecting 1hr 50mi, i put it in my burner for read and it took 16min total had like 35 read errors, when reading on 4x speed, but it is a working clone so everything is cool know thanx for all your help