Win2k Boot screen



Anyone know of or have actually changed their BOOT SCREEN or Windowz 2ooo?

I’m using OS is version SP2 if that helps, but it should make any difference I’m sure!

I wanna kill that damm BooT ScreeN and put something more intersting… you know, naked chicks or something more uplifting than Windowz Startup Screen!

Hmm, whilst we’re on this, can I also find away of getting my machine DESKTOP to actually Shutdown fully, rather than the stupid saftey screen, which actually tells me I can “Shut down now” which wasn’t there when I first built this thingy… thing!

Hmm? Bios? Windows? Dos? Big hammer?!

Thanks again for your time!
…I think I should actually sleep this time! :eek:


Go to:

It’s all explained there…