Win2k And Serious Ram Usage While Running NERO!




I,m Running Win2k and the latest sp2
i have a tdk 12x10x32
I use Nero which i just updated to
Ever since doing this My fairly good system goes to a slow
And nero Is Using 53,000 in the ram usage section of task manager!

This happens what ever i burn.
(And i have a screen shot to prove it!)

If Anyone @ all can shed any light on this matter i would greatly appreciate it.

thanx in advance



Spec if needed

WIN 2K Pro
service Pack 2


Abit be6 rev 1
PIII 650mhz (Boxed)
384mb ram
1x21gig Ibm
Guillemot Geforce DDR 3D Prophet 1
SBLIVE! 1024
Teac scsi CD-Rom
TDK 12x10x32 CD-RW


Nero is set to use a certain percent of Ram by default.

Select “manually config” under View\Options\Buffer settings
and lower the value…