Win2000 pro



can someome please tell me the disc lable name i have all the files and want to put it on to cd so that i can install from the cd…


Uk or Us or Nl


not sure if it is the UK or US version, how do i check???


Hee you’ve dl it not i?
so you must know what version it is…


I think it is: W2pis_en

Good Luck!



Thanks cds_nl and Ruff-Next_Gangsta i think its the uk ver so i will give cds_nl the benifit of the doubt and try that lable, hell i only got a disc to lose if it don´t work…



cds_nl: are you sure about that (for the american version)? i wanna know too, cause i just downloaded the US version…does ANYONE actually own the real thing?!!


Squage… i was e mailed by Chaim Aaron who informs me that it is W2PSEL_EN i have not done the burn yet but will try later today maybe for the US version it is W2PSEL_US ???


I dunno of its the good one, you can always try, at photodraw for example they say what the good volume label is when you use a wrong one…




Pretty much anyting will work… i labeled mine Win2kpro and it works fine. but if you want it to look “real” (heh heh) then put the real one if you want.



hi guys…

can you guys tell me where did u guys download Win2k from???

thank you


nisename - check your post in the general chat area