Win2000, Explorer.exe crashes

Recently I’ve seen increasing problems with explorer.exe crashes. (no helpful error messages or logs) I sort of narrowed it down to copy-paste operations or sometimes just double-clicking on a file to open a program. I also saw print jobs getting dropped with no message at all when I used explorer to access some other file.
I finally decided to try uninstalling SP-3, because I thought that the problems really seemed to occur after installing that. So far this seems to have solved the problem.
What I’m wondering is if this might be some problem between SP-3 and Norton Antivirus. NAV is the only thing I can think of that would be involved in opening files and copy-paste operations. I suppose the next step will be to re-install SP-3 and then shut off NAV and see if the problem occurs.

Any thoughts here?

Two thoughts:

  1. Activate Dr. Watson and read the generated error file.

  2. If you are using Win2000 Pro, read the System Log as per Event Logs in Windows 2000.

NAV and 2k+Sp3 should not be the problem, as I use it myself as well, without a problem.

Did you ever consider that might have a hardware problem?

Did you ever consider that might have a hardware problem

Would uninstalling SP-3 fix that?

read the System Log

Of course I checked there first, there’s nothing of interest in any of the logs.

Originally posted by rdgrimes

Would uninstalling SP-3 fix that?

Theoretically it could, but I don’t think so.

From my experience I know that explorer crashes are often caused by:
-bad memory
-bad psu
-bad cooling

Ofcourse there is an enormous number of alternatives here, but those three are the most common. Maybe you should check these…

I tried for 2 days to cause the error while SP3 was removed, couldn’t do it. I think that rules out hardware per se, but someone also suggested the video drivers. I’ll re-install that when I get time.
I’ve re-installed SP3 and updated everything, the problem is now much better but it still occurs. IE6 could also be suspect, there were several MSKB references to it.
As I am using NAV 2001, and it’s no longer “supported”, I suppose it may not be updating via “Live update”, although the deffs update alright. I’m not prepared to shut it off for long enough to see if it makes a difference. This thing sometimes doesn’t happen for a whole day. But the problem with dropped print jobs seems to have gone away for now.
The joys of Windoze…:rolleyes:

My 2000 machine also has this explorer crashing problem with SP3. Haven’t removed it though, because since it doesn’t use DMA on the HD (SiS 730s=crap) it would take like 3 hours. I’m also running a Norton AV software, the corporate edition though.

Thanks for the moral support. :slight_smile: It’s much better than it was, so far. I also uninstalled a program called Caere Photo - something. A MS article named it as a culpret for one specific type of explorer crash. Maybe that helped.

I don’t experience any problems with SP3… there are even some bugs fixed with it!

I don’t experience any problems with SP3…

I wasn’t trying to suggest a problem with SP3, uninstalling SP3 did fix the issue, but it could just as easily be an issue with some other ware that doesn’t play well in the SP3 environment.
I’ve updated/clean install of Norton, update/clean install of ZoneAlarm, updated video driver, and reinstalled SP3. The issue is now far better, no more dropped print jobs while browsing in explorer. I’ll probably never know for sure. Testing continues.

Keep us updated… I’m really looking forward to see if there is any older software that experiences problems with SP3!

Crash is still occurring. without posting all the endless stack dumps and state dumps, here’s the start of the log from Dr Watson:

Application exception occurred:
App: explorer.exe (pid=652)
When: 11/29/2002 @ 11:01:40.371
Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

----> System Information <----
Computer Name: SELECT1400
User Name: …
Number of Processors: 1
Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 4 Stepping 4
Windows 2000 Version: 5.0
Current Build: 2195
Service Pack: 3
Current Type: Uniprocessor Free
Registered Organization:

----> Task List <----
0 Idle.exe
8 System.exe
144 SMSS.exe
172 CSRSS.exe
192 WINLOGON.exe
220 SERVICES.exe
232 LSASS.exe
408 svchost.exe
436 ccEvtMgr.exe
520 spoolsv.exe
564 CTsvcCDA.exe
584 svchost.exe
600 Navapsvc.exe
620 NPROTECT.exe
712 mstask.exe
736 stisvc.exe
792 vsmon.exe
828 WinMgmt.exe
840 MsPMSPSv.exe
852 svchost.exe
776 svchost.exe
652 explorer.exe
1724 SymTray.exe
960 atiptaxx.exe
300 BCMDMMSG.exe
1532 type32.exe
1752 wpctrl.exe
1596 evntsvc.exe
1304 TotRecSched.exe
1600 EM_EXEC.exe
1408 hpztsb04.exe
1524 ccApp.exe
1152 zonealarm.exe
1460 DRWTSN32.exe
0 _Total.exe

The crash can occur on copy-paste, or opening or closing a window. Once it happens, it’s very likely to happen again frequestly until I log off/on.

Did some more Google searches and found LOTS of people have similar issues with explorer.exe restarting. But no real common thread running through them and no solutions. I found mentions of IE6, active desktop and antivirus apps causing problems. So i tried shutting off Active Desktop, NAV, no help. also I uninstalled an image explorer program called Ulead Photo Explorer, as some had mentioned that they can cause problems.
No joy.

any difference in tasks running from pre-sp3 to post-sp3? just a thought.