Win2000 easier to hack than WinNT

I just posted the article Win2000 easier to hack than WinNT.

However Microsoft states Win2k to be safer then WinNT is, as a matter of fact Win2k is quite easier to hack than WinNT.

About 55% of the website defacements is done by making use of some…

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win2k is more easier to hack THAN winNT… :frowning: that’s how it’s supposed to be spelled

Mart, you’re right, it’s than and not then:) But then why in hell do you type “more easier…”? Think before you type:( So more and more Win2000 based sites are hacked. “In those 55% procent of hacked NT systems, the percentage of Win2k hacked systems keeps on rising.” Is it just a coincidence that the percentage of people using win2k is going up also?:wink:

I believe its spelt ‘percent’ not procent :wink: but i dont think we need to get upset at every little typing error. especially as many of the visitors so this site speak english only as their second language. l8rz.