Win2000 & burning mp3's



I have problems burning mp3's under Win2000 Professional NL.

When using Nero, the tracks are burned succesfull (same layout as original cd), but when listening to the cd, only digital silence is recorded. Very relaxing... but not what I'm looking for.
If you drag and drop mp3's in the nero browser and you choose to listen to a certain track, I don't hear anything either.

When using Easy cd-creator 4.0.2 deluxe, same problem.

Same with CDR-Win 3.8,except "noise" is recorded this time. No music...

My setup: Soundblaster AWE64gold (if this matters), Intel PII350, Chaintech 6btm, Plexter PXW8220Te.

Is this related to Win2000, because under Win98SE, everything is ok??




nero works under my version of windows 2000 pro fine. what build do you have? mine is build 2195 and it is the final, and works fine. ahead also says that this version of nero will work under win2k. my suggestion for you is to just use windows98. i also have the US version of windows 2000, so that may be the problem?

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My burningsoftware (cdrwin 3.8, EasyCd, Nero) work fine. Only cdrwin 3.7 won’t work :frowning:
Maybe your problem is that you installed win2k over a “dull” Win98 or that the languages of the 98 version and the 2k version aren’t the same