Win XP's suspend doesn't work

I tried to install nVidia’s new nforce2 drivers, but those didn’t work too well b/c my stand by function stopped working, so I rolled back to the previous drivers that came with my abit mobo, but now stand by doesn’t work for that either. Can anyone give me a diagnosis of what went wrong with the stand by?

Your not overclocking are you ??

Try relaxing the memory timings and see if your able to put the computer into suspend mode…

check the nvidea web site and abit I had a abit motherboard and had a serious conflict had to change it to a gigabyte board

I’m not overclocking, and maybe I should specify my problem: I can get windows to go into suspend mode, but once it is suspended, it won’t wake-up by moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard. I have to press the restart button on my computer :a . Plz help me :bow:

nevermind, I fixed it. For some reason my abit motherboard drivers must of had a bad install, so I reinstalled all the drivers and now the suspend works