Win Xp

i recently purchased an asus p4s800d-e mb with a p4 3ghz. after installing winxp i have had nothing but problems. the computer keeps rebooting and freezing. i currently have sp2 which barely installed because during installation i kept getting messages saying data corrupted and the cd was brand new from miscrosoft. it eventually installed after repeated unexpected rebooting. that didn’t help. the compter still reboots and i don’t have a clue what to do. i contacted asus and they told me its a software problem. i have the latest bios update from asus. i have a 40gig and a 250 gigs hd. with a dvd rw and a cdrw drives. have ati 9200 128mb agp card. anyone with info and tips PLEASE HELP :a

Are there any error or boot messages you get?
Any stop codes?

Sounds like a weak PSU or a faulty RAM module.
What PSU do you have and have you tried a different RAM module or just using one (switch if you have several). To get error codes you need to reboot on failure which is on by default. Oh btw, also check if you have fastwrite on for the video card.

that’s one of them prescott cpus, right? think ms released a fix for sp2 on prescott to prevent crashing (xp auto reboots by default when crashed)
… goes off searching…

maybe you want to check this out

thanks a million DiiZzy the psu is an antec and worked fine. i did removed one of my ram and had no shut downs since. the problem now though is that before i removed the ram win xp and updates were not installed correctly along with some other programs. should i reformat or try to get xp to replace missing or damage files…

If it was me I would reformat to get a good clean solid install.

Umm… solid and XP… oxymoron?