Win xp updates?

Could anyone please tell me the website get manual downloads

to update windows xp pro?

if youre talking about saving windows updates to your hard drive, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. youll want to go to the regular windows update page.
  2. on the left pane, click on personalize windows update.
  3. on the page that loads up, youll want to put a check mark in the box beside “Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog under See Also.”
  4. then click the button on the upper right hand corner that says “Save Settings.”
  5. now, everytime you go to windows update, if you want to save the updates to your hard drive, you will click the link “Windows Update Catalogue” under the “See Also” menu.

make note that this is also harder than regular update because you need to remember which updates you have and have not updated to your computer.

There you can find the network installation files. This is one compressed file (quite large) from which you can update Windows.

It downloads all components, rather than just the ones you need.

To add features from Microsoft Windows Update :

Click Start -> click Control Panel -> and then double-click Add or Remove Programs ->
click Add New Programs -> then click Windows Update.
Follow the instructions to locate and add new Windows features, system updates, and device drivers.



cheers everyone