Win XP turns you in?

Anyone hear of this, as I’m not sure it is true. My daughters friend downloaded WinXP and installed it. After about two weeks he received a letter from MS threatening prosecution for using pirated software. Does this new OS report you? Just curious if anyone else has heard of this or if it’s the start of another urban legand.

I myself am using WinXP (eng) since it could be found on the web and haven’t recieved a thing! Also haven’t heard anybody about this before.

I’m alo using XP since august withoud a problem.

I think that someone is putting a prank on him.

Well…my firewall is detecting a win32.something application that is trying to access internet every time i connect.

Of course i blocked it but does anyone know why winXP wanted to contact the NET?

TomKay: Is there any chance Microsoft could know ypur e-mail? I don’t think so. I think someone is pulling your leg. A friend maybe?!

Microsoft left a back door in XP for tech support.
To see for yourself type " net users " at the command prompt.
You will see a helpAssistant user.
I deleted this user for more security by typeing the following.

" net user support_388945a0 /delete " at the command prompt.

NetBios is enabled by default on a new installation.

Good old M$:rolleyes: