Win Xp Slow Boot after Firmware update!

Last night i decided to update my firmware on my liteon SOHW-812s , it updated just fine or so it seem like it did , but now when i start or reboot my PC the time from when i logon to win XP and the point my desk top actually shows up is taking longer than it was before ?

its annoying , does anyone have any ideas what i could do to fix this ?

Check to make sure that all your drives are on DMA mode.

Also make sure there is NOT a CD/DVD in the drive when you boot…strangely on another system, that caused a slow boot for me. On some systems, the CDROM drive is listed first in the boot order making the system look for a boot device in the CDROM

i checked it once but i’ll check again !
also i went out and bought new IDE cables not sure if it will make a differnce but just somethiing i read …

ok i feel dumb , it was the DVD in the drive , took it and it boots up fine , i went ahead and changed IDE cables and also check DMA setting and all is good .

thanks for the help , some times its the little things huh !

but it never did that before the FM update so i guess thats what through me off.