Win XP Pro XP2 Slipstream

:slight_smile: When you make a slipstream backup of XP pro SP2 does it have to be a full version disc or can you use an upgrade disc? :bigsmile:

I think you need the original Hologram disc.

:slight_smile: Oh yeah it is an original MS disc with Hologram, just asking if need full version disc or if can use upgrade disc? :bigsmile:

Depends. the ME upgrade disk I have dosn’t need 98 installed. I looks for the disk in another drive during install. If this is the same then it should work.

:stuck_out_tongue: OK cool, what I did was copy all of orig XP disc to HD and dl XP sp2 network install for IT pros and developers then integrated them and added serial num with new unattended.txt file, then extracted bootimage file from original disc and then tried to make disc with Nero 6603, Now do u use just bootdisk process in nero or actually use xp bootimage file somehow??? :confused:

Try here.

For this part I used IsoBuster and Nero Burning ROM 6 (make sure you have the latest version, but at least

(do a google on it)

After you install IsoBuster, you can choose to use only the product’s free functionality for what you want to do (you need to have your original Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM drive).

Start to extract the boot loader from the original Windows XP CD. Using IsoBuster, select the “folder/Icon” Bootable CD, and right-click Microsoft Corporation.img. From the menu choose Extract Microsoft Corporation.img, and extract it to the folder on your hard drive where you have your Windows XP files.

Next, start Nero Burning ROM, and choose CD-ROM (Boot) in the New Compilation window. On the Boot tab, select Image file under Source of boot image data, and browse to the location of the Microsoft Corporation.img file. Also enable Expert Settings, choosing No Emulation, and changing the Number of loaded sectors to 4 (otherwise it won’t boot!)
Under the iso tab select max 31 chars and Mode 1 leave everything checked.
Under label tab just label the cd same as your original.

Next press New, and from the File Browser window, select the files and folders from your slipstreamed location . Now drag & drop the selected files in the ISO1 window.

Hit Burn :bigsmile:

Or, if you’re lazy, use Nlite. It will do all these steps for you, and offers many more configuration options.

autostreamer also works

The answer to your original question is that you need the full install disc for a proper slipstream because the upgrade discs are not bootable.

That could explain why this was posted:


Not really, it’s why I wrote a detailed tutorial back in early August 2004
here: and Womble, see his above post, above wrote another one here:

Not sure what those 2 tutorial have to do with stating an upgrade CD is not bootable, it is.

BTW, you both made the same mistake, an original Windows NT/2000/XP does not have the joliet file system.

Also, you forgot a couple of switches for CDIMAGE, one of them an important one, -n that way you wont end up with cropped file names.