Win Xp Pro/Win Xp Pro Corporate

Can anyone tell me the difference between Windows Xp Pro and Windows Xp Pro Corporate.

I no Xp Pro requires a Product Activation plus a Product Key as where Xp Pro Corporate only needs a Product Key.

Any help would be helpfull.


This exact same question was asked before:

I’ve already read that Da_Taxman but it doesn’t say anywhere what the actual differences(if any) btween Xp Pro and Xp Pro Corporate.

There is no corporate pro… there is a windows xp pro with corporate license , which means one serial key to use the os in a lot of systems.

Thanks Mr. Belvedere,the only reason i asked is that i was having a fight with my mate who reackons Xp pro and Xp Pro Corporate where two different programes.

I told him it was they same programe but corporate didn’t require a product activation key,at lease now it got it in black and white.

Thanks for the help,I can now go and hang sh!t on my mate.

Hang shit ?

Uh oh … :smiley: