Win xp pro ? does it have a repair function

Hi was wanting to do some sort of repair for my pc , does win xp pro have this feature . i just want to run it to fix any thing that might be missing .

Does running this feature lose all the updates my pc has made ?

and or does it just replace and or fix missing files ?

is so can anybody give me a step by step ( for dummy’s ) in how to get to the repair function . as i am not too good in this area . and anything it might ask me to do during the process .

thanks .

This link should help you.

You can run the repair module from a bootable XP install disc. It will simply scan and/or repair any standard installation files that are differernt from their installation version.

You could also simply restore to a previously known good date.

It would be best to know what exactly is wrong and/or what you are trying to fix. Then work on solving the actual problem.