Win XP piracy report - from Bangkok to Bristol

I just posted the article Win XP piracy report - from Bangkok to Bristol.

Our daily copy/paste from the Register is today about pirated Microsoft products that seem to be available in the whole world and not only in the known areas in Asia.

Also at UK computer fairs…

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Not so much news ! i see this every saturday at a computer fair priced @ 1 cd for £5 3x for £10 8x for £20 titles such as partion magic v7, Norton (all 2002) products, adobe illustrator v10 a cd packed full of CDR/W utils nero/disc juggler/clone, which are all the latest versions with key gens… you name it its there. so the stall holder who tries to sell nero v5.5 for £35 in a box has no chance as its only a £5 with another 30 full programs thrown in ! from the next stall down. the people who run the show seem to turn a blind eye, yet when pirates where selling there warze outside the police turn up with trading standards.

I still don’t understand that the software companies are so obsessed about the piracy. If the prices of software decrease and the security goes away, nobody will buy a illigal copy. That is the only solution.

Yeah but their argument: “As long as we’re not making enough money of the software,we have to keep the price high in order to maintain research & production costs”. So it goes round and round… Price to high, copy it. Too much copying, make price and more protection, etc…