Win XP Phone dialer question


I am using Windows XP. I need to dial in to a conference call and listen to the conference on my laptop speakers. By using Windows Phone dialer, I am able to acomplish the same thing. But

  1. I am not able to send touch tones (numbers) once the call has started (using the dial pad).

  2. In case I want to speak in (using a mic connected to the mic in), I am unable to do it. In the options, for the Phone line, the sound inputs and outputs are grayed out.

Please let me know if you have any solution in mind. I am using a 56K voice modem (which came with my Dell Inspiron 5100)

Also if you know of any other good software that will allow me to make calls using my computer please let me know.


Same question i m having it is urgent for me to know the solution plz ne body reply it

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