Win XP not seeing newest session on DVD+R


I am running a Dell Dimension 8200, P4 1.8 Ghz, 256 MB, Win XP Sp1. I am using the Plextor DVD/CD 712-A burner along with Roxio ECDC 6. Im experiencing a strange problem that I hope someone could help me with. Ive been using the Creator Classic program from Roxio to create a multi-session DVD+R. The burning has been working fine. However, once the disk is burned and I attempt to look at it via Windows Explorer, the files from the newest session are not present, its as if the burn never happened. I attempt to refresh by pressing F5 and by choosing it from the explorer menu, but that doesnt work. I know the new files are in fact on the DVD because if I take it out and put it in another computer, they show up there. Also, if I reboot the computer on which the burn took place, the files appear. One last work around I found is that if I take out my burned disk, put in any other one, then put my burned one back in, XP does see the files from the newest session.

It seems like XP doesnt recognize the disk has changed unless I do one of the things I mentioned above. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and found out if there is a fix.


I assume you have tried “view” - “refresh” and get the old session??

seen it before - the drive or explorer is “holding” the contents of the last inserted cd/dvd in memory, or not allowing a refresh to show the contents of any newly inserted cd/dvd. problem can be caused by having too many burning/copying programs installed…like nero,roxio,copytodvd,alcohol,blindwrite…try one program only. thatz how i fixed my same problem.

I’ve tried that as well as pressing F5.

Thanks…I’ve read about how too many programs can cause all sorts of problems, but all I have ever had on this comp is the program Im using now, Roxio ECDC 6.