WIN XP, FAT32 problem; folders have been converted into files by Scan Disk

Hello all!

I’ve upgraded my PC from a Sempron to Pentium D, so I had to I re-install Win XP Pro.
While I was not looking at the monitor Scan Disk started doing its stuff with my
D drive (i have two partitions on my HDD: C: 42 GB and D: 107 GB).
When I paid attention to the screen I saw it transfrom my folders into files.
I quickly interrupted it by turning the computer off. So now I have several files,
32768 bytes each that have the same names as my folders had before.

I’ve tried several programs that recover data from hard driversm but none of them
let me transform these files back into directories.
The amount of free space on my HDD has not change so I believe the lost data is
still stored somewhere on it. I remember back in the day you could fix that manually
with the program Norton Disk Editor, if I am not mistaken.

I use FAT32 on both partitions. I did not notice any major changes on the C drive.

Does anyone know how to find the logs to investigate the situation?
What is the name of scan disk’s log file?

I would really appreciate it if someone shared their knowledge on this problem.

Hi konflux and welcome to CDFreaks. Moving this thread to the General Software forum. Hopefully you will get your answers in that forum.:slight_smile: