Win XP doesn't natively burn DVDs?

I’m new to DVD burning and just tried to burn a DVD using Win XP, which doesn’t work. I can erase the whole DVD and I can burn CDs using drag and drop, but not to DVDs. Is this correct?


For dvd’s it would be better using other programs due to copy protection and alot of dvd’s are dvd9 and will need some compression

I would recomend trying DVD Shrink and DVD Decryptor which are both free and can be gotten at

If you are interested i have a really simple to follow guide with these programs…just pm me an email address

What kind of DVD are you trying to burn? Are you attempting to copy a movie, create a video or data dvd or some other? In almost any case, as the other responder said, a third party application, depending on task, will almost certainly be superior to the built-in semi-app in XP. I have it disabled.

I tried to drag and drop files to DVD+RW… but I think I will install a third party app that can do this. How do I disable the Win XP internal app?

In XP Pro go to Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Services and Applications/Services. Right click on IMAPI CD Burning COM Service and select Disabled. I use Roxio Drag to Disc (an app in Roxio Media Creator 7) for drag and drop services.

Use CloneDVD and AnyDVD to copy/backup DVD movies. Use Nero Reloaded to make specific DVD’s of your own; such as for pictures or storing files.

Windows XP does not burn DVDs

I have Windows XP Pro sp2 and I can burn dvds. I went through hell to do it but I’m burning now.
Win XP Pro sp2
Nero 6.0 demo
DvdShrink 3.2
Nec 3500