Win XP, Clony and ASPI

I was trying to download ASPI drivers for winXP so that I could run Clony, but the address I got (from a link in these forums) won’t work for me?

Can anyone help me?

Adaptec link in here

Thanks FutureProof :smiley:

However, I d/led and installed the Adaptec ASPI drivers, and now when I try to load ClonyXXL it crashes. :confused:

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[B]Thanks FutureProof :smiley:

However, I d/led and installed the Adaptec ASPI drivers, and now when I try to load ClonyXXL it crashes. :confused: [/B]
LOL, it does the same thing to me - I just don’t use it. Clony banged me to a BSOD and trashed my C: drive

Maybe it doesn’t like us aussies :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there any other programs which offer the ClonyXXL functions, or should I just experiment with my rw-cd’s before making a final backup?

Originally posted by amanvell
Are there any other programs which offer the ClonyXXL functions


Correct me if I’m wrong, but ClonyXXL works just fine under Windows XP without installing ASPI v4.70. I’m using version just fine without any installed ASPI. ClonyXXL will just say ‘No ASPI loaded’ and see the driveletter (‘E:’, ‘F:’, etc) instead of the writername (‘Mitsumi CR-480ATE’, etc). Make sure you’re using the latest ClonyXXL version…

OK guys here is how to do it.
Go to adaptec’s site and download and install ver 4.70 for whatever OS you have. Read the instructions.

After rebooting you can run aspichk and it will tell you that you only have 2 of the 4 files installed.

Now download aspi32.exe from adaptec’s site. Ignore the junk for 98 and nt users only.
Just double click on it and reboot.
You can rerun aspichk and it will tell you that you have all 4 files installed correctly and it will work great.

Have fun.

Have the new layer and clony crashes bigtime doesn’t like the 4.70 layer even says no layer installed…

jackal2001, after I installed the adeptec aspi’s (following the instructions), and ran aspichk it says that the 4 files are present, and ASPI is properly installed and fully functional

If you search the Adaptec site for aspi32.exe, you’ll end up here which is ASPI layer version 4.60 (1021); this is stable and suitable for all 32 bit OS.

The latest version of ASPI is here. Files are the same for Win9x as they are in 4.60 with modified dates and some little ‘tweaks’ I guess.

I have a thread in the nero Forum which lists the files and versions for each OS

I also have the same problem, but I solved my problem. It is to do with the v4.70. If you install v4.60 instead then ClonyXXL works fine without any crashes.

You guys shouldn’t blame ClonyXXL for this - its the unstable v4.70 ASPI drivers fault.

Other big name software like Nero, CloneCD, Blindwrite are stable because they have so much time that they wrote their own version of ASPI layers.

How can I remove v4.70 aspi so that I can try v4.60? I can’t find any references for it anywhere on my computer now.

You can download ForceASPIv.17 (which is v4.60):

This utility will allow removal of drivers and installation of Adaptec WinASPI driver. Once downloaded just run the appropriate .bat file.

I am using Windows 2000 Pro. Do I need to update my aspi to get Clony and Clone CD to work? Where can I get v. 4.60 since 4.70 seems to create problems?

already said before that 4.60 is better and stable , i was in trouble too a few weeks ago and solved the problem by removing the four files and reinstalling 4.60 ,

bye , robert

I’ve installed Win XP some days ago and the new aspi 4.72, but something is wrong.
Why the program install only 2 file and not 4? Executing the aspinst instead the install.bat I’ve got all the 4 file installed, but not with the same version. The aspi check prog tell is all ok but when I start the Feurio diagnose it tells me that the aspi files have no the same version number and to reinstall it! The different version number is a very problem? What to do? Downgrade to 4.60? ForceASPI works properly with Win xp also?
Thank you guys!

use 4.60 - 4.7x’s are pretty unreliable, and as 4.60 has been proven to work, why bother with anything else? forceaspi works fine with xp.


I have confirmed on two different WinXP Home Edition machines that the V4.60 are the most reliable and resolved any ClonyXXL issues.

Regards; Snarl


I spent most of my day yesterday trying to get the ASPI to work correctly in XP. Used the search feature here with no luck ??

Tripped on this thread today and used the intructions and bingo

Thanks guys.:cool: