Win Xp cant find my drive!

Right this is major now…

I have 2 hd a 40gb Seagate & a 30gb Maxtor (33073H3 YAH8) this is the problem drive:confused: !!!
When i turn my P.c on the boot up screen see’s both my Hd’s, but Win Xp Pro cant see it. It all started when i was in the middle of “Go Back” when my little girl turned my p.c off at the wall. now go back only reconises my 40gb seagate. I have reinstalled “Go Back” but no joy.
I have down loaded "R-Studio" and in the first screen is my Maxtor hd at the top. I had to run a scan on this drive and it came back with the results:
NTFS MFT File Entries=8
NTFS Directories Entries=0
NTFS Boot Sectors=0
FAT FAT Entries=3783
FAT Directories Entries=2303
FAT Boot Sectors=1650
Ext2FS SuperBlock=0
I have accessed the only partition on the list that is green all the others are red and orange! but almost everything has a red cross through it, well all the important doc’s anyway.

I also have partition magic 6 and that recognises it too but says it is unallocated…
Does anyone know of a prog that can repair my Fat table so i can get all my information back???

Sorry this is so long but i have some real important documents on this drive otherwise i wouldnt bother u guys and just reformat but i really dont wanna be doing that.

Here are 5 pages of GoBack Troubleshooting Articles.

Maybe you will find something here to help you.

Cheers i will have a read and let u know the out come!

you could try this piece of software its called restorer 2000 from the information ive been given it will restore a HDD weather files were deleted or even if the HDD became corrupt

heres the link

Its useless to answer to this question after so mnay years but hoping that my suggestion will be benifited to others.
Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - data recovery software is one such utility which I have used when I was not able to acess my hard drive. Through this software you will be able to acess your hard drive. It will also help you in recovering your data from the drive. It works for both type of file system FAT & NTFS.
If you are not sure in the beginning how it is going to recover the data. Best way is to try a hand on the demo version.
If through the demo version you are able to see the data then get the full version to save your recovered data.

Hope this piece of information is going to help any one who is looking for data recovery.

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