Win XP boots slowly when I connect CD-RW drive

I have a computer that usually boots really fast. But since I connected the CD-RW drive it stops for a while (about 15 secs) when showing the win xp startup progress bar. After that, the progress bar moves again and win loads successfully.

If I disconnect the CDRW IDE cable and power supply, Win xp loads very quickly.

I don’t know what to do.

I’ve with / without disks in the cd drive.
I have the CDRW connected as primary master (I’ve tried with cable select switch too). My hard drive is connected through SATA

Sorry, my english is bad

What is the boot order in your bios…

only SCSI (the sata hard drive). The others are disabled

Is the SCSI the cd-rw drive you recently connected and experienced slower boot times with? Did you replace an IDE with a scsi dirve? If you have no SCSI dirves take it out of boot order then.
Becuase afaik SCSI is known to slow down boot time on 2000 and XP.

Unless the overall perofrmance has slown down as well during operation of the PC.
Did you check for DMA enbaled in XP?