Win xp and nero


First off, let me appoligize if anyone has posted the answer to my question… I have tried a search for windows xp but search does not work with a 2 character word such as “xp”.

That said:
Has anyone had any issues with win xp and the latest version (or any versions for that matter) of nero? I am planning on upgrading from 98 SE to Win XP and I have a plex 12/10/32A and a toshiba dvd (think it’s the sdm1502 model). I have heard that xp comes with some cd burning software. I’m guessing that the xp burn software isn’t very good and don’t want to loose my burning capabilities that I have now with Nero. I also use clone cd (I know, wrong forum for that one) to burn backups of my sd2 protected games.


Looks like there’s a bunch of stuff in the sticky note… hee hee…sorry for the wasted space. I would still like to know if anyone’s had any issues with an identical setup to mine so if ya happen by this post, lemme know :slight_smile:

i have windows xp pro & Nero latest (don’t remember exact version some X.X.8.2)

No problems at all.

Just be sure to disable the inbuilt CD-Burning feature of XP. It may cause problems.

cool… Thanks Darshanjog!

Nero-Burning Rom has a problem where only ‘administrators’ can get access to the CDRW drives.

A fix is available from support

[]. Inside that is [NeroBurnRightsInstaller.exe].

It allows you to set ‘Burn Rights’ for Administrators/Nero Group
users/All Users, you choose which.

(Originaly posted byA1PCfixer at grc.techtalk)

I’ll shoot them an email and get the fix before I install :bigsmile:

BTW If you have an older version of Nero, then it is very difficult to use this program and you sometimes can’t even install it on XP. This gave me a headache.

Downloading the newest version usually fixes many problems.

Originally posted by stry
I’ll shoot them an email and get the fix before I install :bigsmile:

Did you get my I.M.?