Win XP and MP3 encoding, it can be done on CD quality

I just posted the article Win XP and MP3 encoding, it can be done on CD quality….

Da_Taxman used our newssubmit to tell CD Freaks this little story…

A week ago we reported that Windows XP disables mp3 encoding above a certain bitrate. This to try users to ‘convince’…

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I wont be happy until I can make VBR MP3’s in extra high quality.

Very nice! Now we still can make mp3’s on the new windows shit!! I find it still stupid that they force us to use WMA :frowning: Assholes

talk about a monopoly position!!! :r

Actually nothing to do with the monopoly position. MS has a license for MP3 encoding that they got when they purchased another company. However this license only allows thm to encode up to 56KBs… they’ve bundled this with the OS. They could have bought a new license for higher encoding but they would have carried the cost over to the user. Nero for example charges you for the full MP3 encoding rights as an addon. The reason that a registry setting (above and at can be used is that all encoders can do it at most settings but MS is only allowed to set it up till 56Kbps

I just can’t believe MS is doing this … Mp3 is the most populair audio-format !! They are betraying their customers! :frowning:

Customers??? you didn’t buy a copy did you? :8

MS is reducing enoding quailty in windows media player, no where have i read they will stop u installing better encoding software to encode at whatever rate u want, until i do i dont see the problem, who the fook uses windows media player to encode anyways?!

forget about using MS utils to make MP3s, just use LAME - its the BEST quality mp3 encoder by a LONG way. Get it from the links on

Personnally I prefer WMA’s (version 8). Smaller file size and better quality. I have an Iomega HipZip player so I need that, and have found that a 64Kbps WMA8 file is equal to an MP3 at 160Kbs (48Kbps WMA = 128 MP3). MP3’s are an old technology now and even Lame is stretching it further rather than solving the compression algorithm. Until MP3 Pro (in development) comes out WMA’s will probably rule the roost. Oh let me emphasis… WMA version 8!!!

well WMA really sucks… and M$ sucks… thanks tax man for giving us this solution…

Yea M$ sucks whatever, blah, repetitive. If you’re so against Microsoft you’d simply ignore them, but instead you promote them by using their name constantly, can’t you see this is the very thing you claim to be against? Ah well, 4 months uptime on my win2k box, I have no complaints.